Saint Patrick’s Day is Coming: Cheers to Your Health!

We celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17. This year, when you think green, why not think about healthy, vibrant foods we can eat and drink to keep our hearts and our entire bodies healthy?!

PHountain’s Green pHactor:

  • Helps to support your immune system 
  • Helps with the ongoing regeneration of your cells and
  • May aid in your body’s natural detoxification process. 

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A Delicious Green Drink that’s Healthy, Too!

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to start your day with about pHountain’s Green pHactor, a delicious refreshing drink you can make every day to enjoy and celebrate your own good health! The 14 dark organic leafy greens in Green pHactor help you to start your morning off right with a boost of energy and don’t leave you to crash and burn in the afternoon like coffee does. Experts say eating dark leafy vegetables can keep your heart healthy

And, experience the delicious taste of Green pHactor! The shakes are extremely easy to make and digest. You won’t believe how good it tastes to be heart healthy!

Glenn Taylor, founder of pHountain Health & Wellness Energy Clubs, knows that people do not get the amount of dark leafy greens needed in their diets. Drinking 1 scoop of Green pHactor in a 20oz glass of water is equivalent to eating 4 servings of vegetables! This is an easy, fast way to improve YOUR health and well-being by front loading micronutrients! 

“Green powder supplements, like Green pHactor can provide all the benefits of a full day’s worth of the greens needed to protect your heart.”

Taylor knows what he is talking about from his own personal experience! He experienced weight gain and heartburn for an extended period of time until he decided to be proactive with his health and discover getting healthy the right way! Taylor discovered the answers and he shares life-saving information in his new book: Life Extension & Anti-Aging Guide–Living to 200: The Secret of the New Science.

Give it a Try!

Green pHactor can provide all the benefits of a full day’s worth of the greens making it easy to enjoy all the benefits of healthy greens in a delicious drink! 

Check Out Green pHactor!

It’s an Easy Way to Get 

Your Healthy Greens!