Discover the Secret of the Alkaline Sand Castle

Each and every night while you are sleeping, your body regenerates, cleanses and detoxifies itself anew for the next day. When you wake up, you have to go to the bathroom, clean your eyes, clear your throat etc. This is the residue of all the hard work your body has done, to get you refreshed and restarted for the new day.

A real easy way to understand this is that your body rebuilds and regenerates what we call an Alkaline Sand Castle. This Alkaline Sand Castle is pristine/ornate, it represents all the hard work your body has done throughout the night, its Beautiful! After all that hard work your body has done, who would purposely go and DESTROY it and stomp it down? What happens when you pour water on a Sand Castle? It falls apart! Nobody would do that on “purpose”, if they could “see” how beautiful their Alkaline Sand Castle is each morning.

When we, as Americans start off our mornings with Coffee, Milk, Orange Juice, Black Tea, Bagels, Breakfast Sandwiches, Boxed Cereals and pancakes, all have “one” thing in common, “ACID”. Eating and Drinking Acid forming foods as the first thing you put into your body is the same as DESTROYING, STOMPING it out and pouring water over your Alkaline Sand Castle! (Acid is the Alkaline Sand Castle’s #1 enemy) Nobody would do this on purpose, but we DO! Most Americans are unknowingly undermining their health and destroying their Alkaline Sand Castle each and every morning for a LIFETIME!

Good News! You can stop destroying and start “rebuilding” now, you can make your Alkaline Sand Castle Bigger and Better than how your sleep time gave it to you. By avoiding ALL Acid forming food and drinks at all costs until 4 pm everyday seven days of the week as healthier/proactive lifestyle choice. This helps with creating order (alkaline) instead of chaos (acid), you give your Alkaline Sand Castle time to stand tall and heal.

By starting your morning “only” with Alkaline Water, Green pHactor and Super pHactor, this is the way to “add on” to your Alkaline Sand Castle, to make it “Bigger and Better” than it was given to you by your sleep time. By doing this, you make the Alkaline Sand Castle so BIG, that several hours later in the day you can “afford” to introduce some acid forming foods and not totally UNDERMINE and destroy your Alkaline Sand Castle. This way of living will get you back into pH balance and on the road to good health for life.