What can our new pH FIT scan do for you?

Explore the new pH FIT scan!

Don’t ever weigh your self again!

Throw your scale away now!

Have you ever tried to work out, eat right and deprive yourself …only to GAIN more weight or see no results! That will take the motivation right out of you..every time! Agree?

We have found the ultimate futuristic solution for you!

Our new pH FIT scan, can scan your body in 45 seconds to see how much water, muscle and fat you have FIRST, as a baseline/benchmark. Start your diet and new proactive lifestyle and stay confident & motivated! We can keep track of your results from the beginning and show you all your gains and losses as you move along.

On top of that…it also measures!

How much “visceral” fat (the fat you cant see or feel) you have surrounding your heart and organs! (when you cut open a chicken/ribs and see that white fat between the layers). Visceral fat put lots of unnecessary stress and congestion around your core making you tired!

Get your “exact” body fat percentage that takes all of your body mass into account.

Cellular hydration levels inside and out!

All pHountain proactive lifestyle members get unlimited FIT scans for FREE with your paid membership!