Can your thinking make you less ALKALINE?

Thinking is the most powerful gift that we possess!

All thoughts have energy behind them, good & bad, high & low!

Every time you have a positive and empowering thought, the endorphins in your body are stimulated and your metabolism is increased! The same as being happy.

Every time you have a negative emotional thought, your body releases Cortisol and Aldosterone which starts to WIPE OUT your alkaline reserves (magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium) while adding unwanted belly fat around your waist.

Now that you are aware of how this physiology works, you will be much more careful of what you think about and how you react to it.

For many years I have been telling customers that you can eat and drink alkaline all day, but if you perceive the world and information in a negative light, it will be counter-productive to your proactive alkaline lifestyle.

The greatest way to reduce stress is to be grateful, gratitude and stress CANNOT reside in your brain at the same time! Try it!