What Does That Word ALKALINE Really Mean?

Among all the definitions and terms out there, I understand that there is some real confusion to what the word ALKALINE really means! Let me tell you how I have learned to understand it. Bear with me and let me explain.

In order for any element to be qualified alkaline, it must have more “electrons” than protons. For an element to be acidic it will have more “protons” than electrons.

When you purchase an “alkaline” battery, what are you really buying? You are really buying ENERGY! The battery is LOADED with electrons, the electrons are what powers the battery and the same electrons can energize and charge you up as well!

By consuming alkaline water and foods you slowly start to change your body chemistry down to the very smallest molecules that you are made of! That’s why alkaline bodies are Energetic, Healthy and Optimistic!

Acidic bodies are loaded with “protons”, they are usually tired, sick and negative! The good news is that you can undo the acidic body by adding more alkaline water, green drinks and super-foods which “naturally” carry the electron charge.

I have seen so many people change their lives for the better, including myself, just by shifting into the alkaline lifestyle and out of the acid!

So at the end of the day, the word “alkaline” really means ENERGY! Foods and drinks that are alkaline are naturally LOADED with vitamins & minerals. Foods and drinks that are acidic are typically man-made, processed and “NUTRIENT-LESS”!

P.S.- Isn’t it ironic that the foods closest to nature are alkaline, and the foods furthest from nature are acidic!