A Word From Our Customers

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I started taking Green pHactor a month ago and I feel great! The changes I’ve experienced are awesome.

Agni P.


I have been taking the Greens for about 10 months and my energy level has increased. I feel so much better. Drinking the water, taking the greens… helps me to feel strong & fit. My stomach also feel a lot better. Every morning I take my Green pHactor and I am ready to go to the gym and work out.

Huntington Customer


I have been on the Green pHactor for over 6 months now… I have lost over 24lbs, my colitis and IBS has disappeared, and my cholesterol has gone down 24 points. I went for a bone density test and my doctor wanted to order a Vitamin D test. He did and my Vitamin D was perfect. I know that the greens are the reason for my new life.

Camille B


I’ve been a fan of pHountain for about 2 months and my inflammation is ‘gone’ and my joint pain is ‘gone’. I love how I feel and I feel the love I’m giving to myself!

D. Protter


As a formal personal trainer and current health nut, I cannot say enough about pHountain. I suffered from IBS my entire life and after becoming a member at PHountain my symptoms have almost completely disappeared. I feel great all the time and continue to feel better.

Matthew G.


pHountain is an oasis of health, pure good loving vibes and pHamily! It’s the sort of place you could spend all day in, because in all of long island it’s probably the #1 place filled with people just doing it right! From a health perspective, drinking alkaline water has been absolutely essential to my health and wellness.

Cali H.


I came into pHountain addicted to caffeine and unable to go a day without at least 2 cups of coffee. I started using the super pHactor and haven’t had coffee in 8 months and have ten times the energy I had before and it actually lasts all day long. I’m going to continue to make the lifestyle changes that pHountain stands for.

Amanda S.


I was introduced to pHountain in May 2014. I can’t imagine my life without the new lifestyle of alkaline water and beautiful services like foot detox and sauna. The owners and staff are truly family. They all care to see my overall health improvement. I sleep better, less medications and help me to achieve my zen.

Judy S.