Why Drink Super pHactor Every Day?

Super pHactor

For many years, I was addicted to coffee and out of control! (going to Starbucks 2x per day) It was always on my mind that it was unhealthy and I needed to do something. I had no choices or replacements. I wanted to kill my coffee maker, but did not know how!

I decided to create a super food smoothie that would be as robust and energizing as the coffee without the crash or jitters.

I always knew that raw chocolate or cacao was a natural energy booster. So I decided to get in the lab with Mike and get to work on a chocolate energy blend! After several months of testing and tasting, we perfected it! We made it with the very best blend of super foods and raw chocolate cacao beans that we could find! We decided to call it Super pHactor!

Needless to say…I am now in control of my coffee habit and do not waste my money on Starbucks anymore! Instead of going 180 mph in “wrong” direction with coffee, you can do 1,000 mph in “right” direction with Super pHactor!

Why Drink Super pHactor Every Day? It can help you:

  • lose weight
  • Replace acidic coffee habit
  • Reduce sugar cravings
  • Provides natural energy boost
  • Support your digestion and regularity