What We Do With Our Proven 3-Step Detox

What happens when you CLEAR the drain in a clogged sink? The sink immediately empties and returns to it’s efficient way of working. This is exactly what we do with our proven 3-Step Detox (Sauna, Vibe & Detox Foot Bath). We are purposely preparing your body with Heat and Motion to clear your sewage system and “drain”, so you can gain more natural energy, lose weight and sleep better. Here’s how it works.

Step#1-Far Infrared Sauna – Accelerates the detoxification process by penetrating the skin between 1″ and 1 ½ “with the infra red heat and rays. The skin becomes heated, porous and dilated, allowing deeply embedded unwanted toxins, wastes and acids to be expelled immediately in your sweat, while burning up to 700 calories in 30 minutes.

Step#2- Whole Body Vibration – After you have completed Step #1, you immediately get on the whole body vibration unit to help advance the lymphatic fluid (while you are still heated/sweating) with oscillating vibration and motion. Your lymphatic system relies “solely” on motion/vibration to circulate the fluid optimally, enhancing your bodies own detoxification processes.

Step#3- Ionic Detox Foot Bath – The combination and sequence of the first 2 steps puts your body into a prepared state for maximum drain clearing/cleaning and detox. The negatively charged ions in the warm water are the same as a strong magnet, they are seeking to “attach” themselves to every positively charged free radical/toxin they can find through the 5,000 sweat pores on the bottom of your feet. This is how we extract and remove the unwanted toxins and wastes so you can detox more efficiently.

Doing the 3-Step Detox monthly will help keep your drain from getting clogged and congested. So call your local pHountain and make your 3-step Detox appointment Today!

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