What Good is Your Seat Belt if You Don’t Wear It?

Can you put the seat belt on “after” you get into an accident and expect to be safe?

We all know that its too late to do that!

What if your car was going to go over a cliff?

Is it better to go over the cliff and have the best doctors and specialist’s waiting for us?

Or is smarter to build some fences, nets and detours before hand and not go over?

My point is that we must take the proactive approach to attain our highest level of  health  and safety. This reactive approach that revolves around waiting for a “cure” isn’t working and is not very safe. It’s the same as playing Russian roulette, getting screened and tested to see if you are next?

The secret is to DOUSE your body with Green pHactor, Super pHactor and pHountain alkaline water every chance you get, every day of every week for life! Giving your body plant based nutrients and alkaline water  is the same as putting on your seat belt, building fences and taking the bullets out of the gun!

I can sum it all up like this…..Nutrients now or Chemicals later!

pHountain members get 5 Gallons of alkaline water, 20% off all pHactor products and a 3 Step Detox each month.