Reduce inflammation NOW!

Do you wake up with achy joints, a stiff back and cracking knuckles?

These are signs of inflammation!

Chronic inflammation is connected to 7 out of 10 causes of death in the US! The good news is that inflammation can be reduced by better lifestyle and proactive choices! Here’s my suggestion on how you can start reducing it each morning!

Upon waking you MUST have 10oz of clean alkaline water (tepid) to “prime” the system and get your digestive system going! It also helps wash all the residues from your body detoxing through the night.

The very next thing you want to do is to have 1-3 scoops of Green pHactor (each scoop is equal to 4 salads!) . My wife Rose and I start everyday of lives with 2 scoops of Natural Berry GP and 1 scoop of Sweet Berry GP (that’s 12 salads each) in 16oz of alkaline water. This puts your body in healing alkaline state that you want to maintain for at least the next 6 hours if not longer.

Inflammation starts within the gut, so that why its so important to AVOID acid forming foods/drinks/thoughts at all costs while you are super alkalizing your body with water, greens and super-foods for at least the first 6 hours of your day. Acid forming foods/drinks/thoughts contribute to acidity and inflammation. (Acid creates chaos, Alkaline creates order)

Replacing your breakfast & coffee/black teas with Super pHactor and alkaline water is another sure way to reduce inflammation, while you are avoiding acid forming foods/drinks/thoughts during your morning ritual, to create a healing state inside your body. Super pHactor will give you the energy, focus and nutrient fulfillment so you wont be tired, irritable or hungry, while reducing the inflammation down to nothing.

*Make sure you are drinking your body weight in ounces with clean pHountain alkaline water. 150lb person= 150 ounces of water spread throughout each day.

Eating a sensible pH balanced meal for lunch/dinner will help you enjoy this type living and eating, so you will stay “comfortable” with it and keep it as a lifestyle choice pHorever!

This is a 7 day a week lifestyle plan that will keep inflammation and all his “symptoms” LOCKED in their cage!