How to Recharge your Body & Battery?

I am always looking for a “short cut” on how to HELP people understand the workings of their body in the easiest form I can find. I hope this metapHor will give you greater insight on how to recharge your body naturally!

What happens to a car when the battery is dying or losing it charge?

  • the lights get dim
  • the car slowly loses power
  • the caution lights come on
  • no performance

The battery needs to be recharged with “electrons” or the car will eventually die!

What happens to our bodies when they need to be recharged?

  • we get tired and lack energy
  • we get weaker and no strength
  • we get symptoms 1st (same as the caution lights)
  • we get unwanted diseases that could eventually kill us!

This is all due to a lack of ENERGY!

Our bodies need to be recharged naturally, but how?

Adding “ELECTRON” rich pHountain Ionized Alkaline Water, Green pHactor and Super-pHactor is the ONLY way!

The electrons are what recharge the battery and the body! That’s why we need electron rich foods and water on a constant basis. That’s why the word alkaline is associated with batteries and bodies!

You can recapture your youth, energy, performance and raise your vitality level now! Recharge your body “everyday” 1st thing every morning for life and never BREAKDOWN!