How To Lose Weight and Feel Great

“Eat the Sunshine?” Lose Weight and Feel Great!

Why is Green pHactor the most Powerful and Primary thing you can EVER put into your Body? Most people don’t know about this powerful “SECRET” i’m sharing with you, so that you will be able to have more natural energy, lose weight, heal the pain and reduce inflammation now!

How does going out into the “sun” at any time make you feel? It ALWAYS makes us feel Good and Alive, no matter what. What if I told you that you can EAT that same life force energy? Well you can! The feel good properties of the sun are found in the “photons” from the sun’s energy! When plants grow, they trap all of the powerful photons as there way of living and sustaining growth! Remember photo-synthesis? Well in the perfect cyclical way things work on earth, we can eat all of those “life giving” electrifying photons in a Green Phactor Green Drink and fill our bodies with the most potent alkaline greens on the planet. Do you think your body will feel good after this?

There are MANY more reasons to drink your Green pHactor, but i wanted to shed some “light” (pun intended) on this unknown secret. When your body receives all the nutrients from our raw organic blend, you will not be as hungry and will lose all the weight you want, when you get your nutrient fulfillment, you wont be getting hunger pangs anymore. Be Alkaline for LIFE!

Raw Organic Alkaline Ingredients in Green pHactor!

  • Moringa- most “alkaline” plant leaf
  • Cilantro- binds to heavy metals
  • Spirulina- high in amino acids
  • Chlorella- heavy metal detox
  • Wheat Grass- builds blood
  • Parsley- anti inflammation
  • Spinach – bone health
  • 60 servings per bottle

Each scoop is equal to 4 salads!

Green pHactor should be taken with alkaline water pHirst thing every morning on an empty stomach for best alkalizing results!