How Do We Get Toxic And Where Does It Come From?

What are the “3” most important nutrients we need to SURVIVE here on earth?

  • Air- How long can you live without oxygen?
  • Water- How long can you live without water?
  • Food- How long can you live without nutrients?

Isn’t it IRONIC that we need “3” nutrients these to survive, but more importantly they are also the 3 main ways get “toxic and sick!”, but how?

Toxic air- What color does the white snow banks turn after being exposed for a couple of days? The toxic and dirty air accumulates and turns the pure white snow into brown/black mud, we don’t realize it, but we breathe this air “in” everyday.

Water – Its no “secret” that all the tap water on Long Island is contaminated to some degree. Chlorine, Nitrates, Dioxins, Prescription Pills just to name a few. We bathe, cook and drink with the same toxic water everyday!

Food- pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, food coloring, artificial flavors, artificial sugars, MSG are contaminating us across the board.

*Canned foods are sealed in metal, what happens when you use a can opener? You are ripping the metal apart and tearing it, where do u think the little metallic flakes go?

With all this being said, we live in this toxic environment and we must make detoxification a part of our lives. Our 3-Step detox is designed to help you start to remove a lifetime build up of toxins from air, food and water contamination!

The cumulative effects of not detoxing is called disease and illness.

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