A Healthy Person has 1,000 wishes and a Sick person has 1 wish

Our busy and hectic lives are moving so fast sometimes, that we paint ourselves into a unhealthy corner! When you are sick what’s the “one” thing that you only think about? Nothing else matters until you get better… Right?

Here is the SECRET to counter balance all of your bad, toxic and acidic habits (don’t worry, we all have them), so you can enjoy your 1,000 wishes!

Adopt a Proactive Alkaline Lifestyle 365 days per year, as your lifestyle “ritual’ to prevent yourself from getting sick and staying in optimal health.


Breakfast means Break-a-Fast! That means your body has cleansed and detoxified itself during the night while you were sleeping. Knowing all the hard work your body has done regenerate itself, we want to take advantage of this situation EVERYDAY!

Upon waking, you MUST avoid all “acid forming” foods and drinks at all costs for as long as you can. (4-8 hours). You can have all the alkaline forming water, greens and supers you want during this time! Acid forming foods and drinks create CHAOS, Alkaline water, greens & supers create “order” and run in HARMONY with the body! This puts your body into a HEALING mode, the root word of healthy is HEAL!

Always remember it is about pH balance! 80% alkaline & 20% acidic is the ultimate formula! If you are new to this, then 50% alkaline and 50% acid is great way to start. Most of our friends and family’s diets are 98% acidic and 2% alkaline! Why? Because they don’t know! You are a great advantage by knowing how to apply and use it! Most people will go through their entire life in pain and agony because this lack of knowledge. (I know a few)

DOUSING and RINSING your body every chance you get with alkaline pHountain water, Green pHactor, Super pHactor is the sure way to super-charge and super-alkalize your body!

pHountain is your Proactive Lifestyle and Alkaline RESOURCE!