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Our Whole House Water Filter Will Make Your Water Cleaner Than Ever!
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Experience Clean Water From Taps In Your Home With Whole House Water Filter From pHountain Inc In Baldwin, NY

Water is an essential component of our daily lives. We use water for drinking, cooking, and other household tasks like dishwashing, laundry, etc. Do you know what’s in your drinking water? Do you know how to improve the water quality in your home?

Baldwin, NY

It is critical to understand what is in your water and to take the necessary steps to improve its quality. An odor can indicate that something is wrong. It is not always easy to tell what contaminants exist unless a proper water test is performed.

pHountain Inc in Baldwin, NY is the leader in commercial and residential water purification systems. Our water filtration system improves the quality of the water flowing through your home.

Our home water filtration system in the Nassau County works hard to provide the cleanest water possible for your family by removing iron and volatile organic compounds. For water treatment needs, rely on pHountain Inc in Baldwin, NY.

What Is A Whole House Water Filter?

A whole house water filter is a filtration system that cleans water from the main water line ensuring clean, filtered water flows from every faucet, shower head, and washing machine.

Whole-house water filters, also known as point of entry (POE) filters, function as tap water gateways, allowing only clean, filtered water to reach your faucets.

A complex whole-house water filtration system may be required if you use well water. A mechanical sediment filter, contaminate filters, and a UV system in the whole house water filtration system can treat your well water. However, if you drink city water, your water filter will only remove chlorine and sediment.

How Do We Know If We Need A Whole-House Water Filter?

Some contaminants are obvious in their presence in your water, while others are barely noticeable. Hard water can leave stains, smell bad, and even taste bad. The following are obvious signs that you may need the best home water filtration system in Nassau County:

  1. A rotten-egg odor in your drinking water;
  2. Deposits on plumbing fixtures;
  3. Dry hair or skin after bathing;
  4. Unpleasant tastes in your drinking water;
  5. Corroded pipes;
  6. Rust stains on your appliances.

It can be challenging to tell what’s in your water just by looking at it. Contaminants that can sneak up on you unnoticed include:

1) Arsenic: Long-term exposure to this odorless & tasteless pollutant can be toxic and can result in skin and health issues.

2) Nitrates:Nitrates are colorless, flavorless, and odorless contaminants. It encourages the growth of bacteria in the water and increases the production of carcinogens in human bodies.

3) Lead:Lead is a pollutant that is difficult to detect because it has no taste, odor, or color. Long-term exposure can cause serious health problems.

4) PFOA and PFOS:These chemicals may have leaked into water systems. According to research, they can accumulate in your body over time and harm your health.

What Contaminants Can Be Removed From Water By Whole-House Filtration Systems?

The best home water filtration system in Nassau County removes various contaminants from water and addresses several water quality issues. The type of home water filter system best for your home will be determined by the impurities you want to remove from the water.

  1. a) A whole house filter removes dirt, clay, and sand. It removes rust flecks from aging pipes.
  2. b) Chlorine, chloramine, pesticide, herbicide, bad taste, and odors can be easily removed by carbon filters.
  3. c) Water filters remove the dissolved calcium & magnesium, which contribute to hard water.

Choose Us For Whole House Water Filter Systems In Baldwin, NY

pHountain Inc in Baldwin, NY helps you with water filtration. We have extensive knowledge and experience and understand what it takes to provide you with the cleanest, safest water available.

Contact pHountain Inc at 631-872-0897 to speak with one of our experts for the whole-house filter to enjoy fresh, clean, purified water in your home.

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