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Our Water Purification Techniques Will Return Balance to Your Body
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pHountain Inc Offers The Latest Water Purification Technology To Disinfect Your Water Supply In Seaford, NY!

Water quality gets deteriorated over time, so almost every home requires a water purification system. Its primary function is to disinfect impurities in the water by making it safer for human consumption. When it comes to pure water, alkaline water is increasingly popular due to its numerous health benefits.

Seaford, NY

pHountain Inc in Seaford, NY has a range of whole-house water filters to provide pure water for your family. Water is essential for your health and your home. We understand the importance of a water purification system as it gives you pure drinking water free of bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and even dissolved impurities.

The water supplied by the municipal corporation passes through rusty old pipelines. It is stored in filthy overhead tanks, increasing the possibility of water contamination. This emphasizes the importance of installing a reliable whole-house water filter system.

Our pHountain pHresh water filtration system at pHountain Inc removes plastic, chemicals, toxic metals, germs, & pesticides while retaining essential natural ions, transforming your water supply into alkaline tonic water to quickly & effectively refresh you.

What Does Our Water Purification System Remove?

The water filtration system removes harmful pollutants to produce pure mineral water. The tap water is treated to remove impurities such as toxic substances, dust, sediment, sand, and grit. Plastic particles are becoming common in tap water, requiring adequate screening.

Water filtration systems like tap-mounted, under-sink, & tabletop filter out acids & sediments to varying degrees. These water filters are effective at removing chemicals & fluorine.

Importance Of Our Water Purification System

Our water purification filter system is rapidly gaining popularity to meet daily drinking water requirements. So, what distinguishes our water filtration system in Nassau County from “regular” water filters? Let us discover the advantages of using our water filter in your house.

1) Increased pH Levels

The most important feature of the water filter system at pHountain Inc, of course, is that it raises the pH of the water, making it more alkaline.

This helps your body in neutralizing the acidic properties of the food. While our intestines have a corrosive pH, drinking alkaline water produces hydrochloric acid, which is neutralized by the bicarbonates produced.

2) Removal Of Harmful Toxins

Our water filter system in Nassau County removes unwanted impurities from tap water, which is a significant health benefit. Depending on where you live, tap water may contain harsh chemicals that are unsafe to drink regularly.

Bleach, phosphate, arsenic, and mercury are examples of harmful toxins present in water. Another major contaminant found in tap water is lead, which can leak into the pipes and contaminate the water supply. Our pHountain pHresh water filter system in Nassau County removes these pollutants, resulting in the cleanest, healthiest potable water possible.

3) Treatment For Acid Reflux

At some point in our lives, we’ve all experienced acid reflux, also known as nausea or heartburn. Heartburn affects more than 40% of adults at least once a year.

While most people do not take this seriously, it can affect the digestive system. The stinging pain in your chest is caused by acid reflux rushing into your mouth. Our water filter system in Seaford, NY, is an effective remedy for this widespread issue.

Install Our Cost-Effective Water Purification System In Seaford, NY!

pHountain Inc in Seaford, NY advise you on the best products and systems for your needs. We will deliver the high-quality water you deserve!

We have a home water filtration system like the pHountain pHresh water system so you can enjoy filtered water at home, whether you have a faucet, countertop, pitcher, or cooler-style water filtration system. You can look through all of the water purifiers on our website that are currently available.

Call us on 631-872-0897 to find the right water purification or home water filtration system in Nassau County for your needs.

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