The Secret of the New Science: Living to 200

Does the Fountain of Youth Exist? 

Some people spend their lives thinking about it and searching for the fabled pathway to eternal youth. Author Glenn Taylor, founder of pHountain Health & Wellness Energy Clubs, suggests there is no actual mysterious Fountain of Youth. Instead, the answer to living a long, healthy life lies within each person’s own mind. That’s why Taylor wrote his new book “The Secret of the New Science: Living to 200.”

Question Long-Held Beliefs about Life Expectancy

Humans blanketly accept life expectancy statistics. Death is inevitable, we say, as we continue to eat, drink and do things that have a direct negative impact on human longevity. One day, however, Taylor had had enough. 

  • He was 40 pounds overweight
  • His blood pressure was off the charts
  • Doctors were extremely concerned about his skyrocketing cholesterol levels
  • Honestly, he felt horrible all the time but had zero motivation to make any changes

You may be where Taylor was back then. Or, you may have a friend or relative who needs to make some life-changing decisions. If so, Living to 200 is a book you must read!

Taylor Got a Wake-Up Call — Literally

The telephone rang and the voice on the other end told him that yet another family member had died of cancer. That phone call was the impetus to wake up and start taking care of himself! But, where to start?

Taylor embarked on an intensive health research mission to save his own life and protect his family from what he believed was a doomful hereditary fate. His research yielded incredible information and saved his life!

Taylor turned to high alkaline greens, superfoods and alkaline water. 

  • He dropped his weight with minimal effort. 
  • He was excited about working out multiple times per day
  • Moreover, he was overjoyed that he had the energy and stamina to work out
  • His sleep improved
  • His doctor loved his blood pressure and cholesterol numbers

Amazed at what he learned about the dangers of acidity in water, food, medication, etc., and conversely the life-enhancing benefits of alkaline foods, nutrients and water, he was determined to share his new knowledge. After all, he turned his life around by focusing on what he learned was necessary to become healthy for life. A long life.

He thought, why don’t people live to 200? Why do so many people die far too early of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many other debilitating diseases? The answers are surprisingly simple. Find out now!

Don’t wait another minute to get on the road to a long healthy life
Read Glenn Taylor’s Living to 200 Now