Tectonic M2.0 Body Vibration Unit


Tectonic M2.0 Body Vibration Unit

Designed for light commercial settings, the Tectonic M2.0 Whole Body Vibration unit is suitable for any home or spa applications. This unit is rock solid and has the power and durability to tailor to a variety of users. The Tectonic M2.0 is designed to operate very quietly yet provides the maximum power allowable in a Whole Body Vibration Machine.

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Tectonic M2.0 Body Vibration Unit:

The M2.0 is a very popular commercial vibration trainer for weight loss studio, gym, and clinic use. It can also be used in home gyms. The super wide control panel allows for 260 intensity speed settings, and the dual column handlebar system allows the M2.0 to hold up to 100% of your weight. The M2.0 is an excellent machine for users that require a super strength handlebar system without sacrificing the freedom you get when using the machine. The premium oscillation vibration will help improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and relieve body-wide pain. Use the M2.0 to build lean muscle to tone and tighten your whole body. The M2.0 is well suited for users focusing on overall health and fitness.

Feature List
• Premium Oscillation Vibration — power platform moves side to side, simulating walking
• Light commercial quality suitable for most professional and commercial applications
• Rigid and durable handlebar system designed for users of all physique
• 30 speed settings allows for a gentle massage to an aggressive workout machine
• 2 Years Warranty — you’ll be sure we’re there for you when you need it!

• Vibration Type: Pivotal
• Frequency: 5-30 Hz
• Speed Range: 5-30 settingss, 0.1 Hz increment
• Amplitude: 0-11 mm
• Weight Capacity: 440 lbs – 200 kg
• Size: 28″ Wide by 25″ Deep by 58″ Height
• Weight: 132 lb
• Platform dimension: 24″ by 16″
• Maximum Power: 2.0 HP
• Warranty: 2 years



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