Provibe Elite


Provibe Elite Body Vibration Unit

The PROVIBE ELITE is whole-heartedly one of the very best vibration platforms in existence, in terms of effectiveness, price (amazingly inexpensive for what you get) and overall user experience.

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Provibe Elite Features:

The PROVIBE ELITE with 2 motors that develop (a) oscillating, (b) spiral and (c) dual-vibration movements. It comes with manual program & 3 built-in programs plus you can develop six of your own programs. Resistance bands and manual also accompany the machine. The full feature set of the machine follows.

• PROVIBE ELITE offers all 3 types of vibrations – spiral oscillating and dual. This makes the machine suitable for users with all kinds of requirements.

• PROVIBE ELITE comes with a dual-motored machine – 1100 watts and 500 watts. The two motors provide vibrations with more power than you would probably ever need.

• PROVIBE ELITE comprises of 60 different speeds. This, along with all the vibration motions, provide a total of 420 combinations of options.

• PROVIBE ELITE comes with multiple inbuilt programs and controls. The manual program lets you control all the vibration directions, separately and together, as per your requirements. To this, there are 6 built-in core programs, and 3 programs that users can modify to fine-tune the machine to suit their custom needs if they want to.


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