Immune Source pHactor Multiplex


Immune Source pHactor Multiplex pHactor

Immune Source pHactor Multiplex is a full spectrum of Immune Modulators.

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Why Immune Source pHactor Multiplex: A weak/sub-functioning immune system cannot effectively fight off free radicals, bacteria, and viruses. These dangerous entities are detected, located and destroyed by a competent immune system. The result of a weak/sub-functioning immune system is that the individual is more susceptible to frequent illnesses such as colds or the flu or even over time severe and debilitating disease states are prone to development. Immune system sub-functioning often results from a combination of poor nutrition, chronic stress and various environmental pollutants. While the use of dietary supplements does not assure that improved immune performance will result, the research does indicate that botanicals and antioxidants can have a positive role to play in promoting a strong healthy immune response.

Key Ingredients in Immune Source pHactor Multiplex: This product is full of botanicals and antioxidants that promote a strong immune response. The following ingredients are key to highlight when educating a customer about this product.

Olive Leaf Extract has been found to be effective in treating fungal outgrowths, bacterial infections, and viral infections. This ingredient may also help aid in lowering blood pressure.

Astragalus helps to rebuild the body after illness or injury. This herb is a bone-marrow reserve builder. Astragalus has proven to be beneficial under the conditions of stress and fatigue.

NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) is an antioxidant that aids in repairing DNA and protects the lungs, liver, bone marrow and kidneys.

Raspberry Extract (Ellagic Acid) has antimutagenic and anticarcinogenic properties.

Mushrooms such as shiitake and reishi contain many different bioactive compounds which contain functional medicinal properties. These include immunomodulatory, lipid-lowering, antitumor, and other beneficial health effects without any significant toxicity. Research on reishi mushrooms have demonstrated to have a significant effect on cellular immunity.

D-limonene is a potent natural cholesterol-lowering agent. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin have found that dietary D-limonene reduced certain types of mammary cancers. Additional research revealed that d-limonene was effective in reversing performed tumors.


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