pHountain pHresh Water: Clean and Safe

pHountain pHresh water

Whole house alkaline water filtration systemThe pHoundation of pHountain is our special water. After hundreds of hours of research, we believe we have the cleanest, safest and healthiest water we can offer to our customers. Our proprietary alkaline water filtration system removes chemicals, heavy metals, detergents, pharmaceuticals, and even things like Chromium VI (Hexavalent Chromium) and Flouride. Then our water is mineralized with Coral Calcium and a special mineral that replicates the best alkaline spring waters found in nature.

pHountain pHresh Water System

The pHountain of Life Starts with the Best Water.


The water is directed through a Cutting-edge Multi-Stage Bacteriostatic Redox Reaction Catalytic whole house water filtration system designed to remove and Reduce 278+ Contaminants, Chlorine, Chemicals, Heavy Metals and VOC’s without Salt and Maintenance.

Just a small portion of what the pHountain pHresh Water System Removes:

Aluminum, Arsenic, Benzene, Bromine, Cadmium, Chlorine, Chloroform, Chromium 6, Cis-1,2-Dichloroethylene, Diesel Fuel, Dioxin (2,3,7,8-TCDD), Fertilizers, Fluoride, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Pesticides, Radon, Radioactive Particles, Uranium, Microorganisms, Bacteria, Virus, Cysts, Escherichia Coli

The pHountain pHresh Water System effectively removes over 278 potential health effecting chemicals, contaminants, toxins, poisons, heavy metals, and volatile organic compounds. 


  • Automatically regenerates media to extend life of filter and to prevent contaminants from leaking back into water flow.
  • Patented “Media Separator” Distributor – prevents stage 1 media from sinking to the bottom and becoming useless.
  • Special Vortex Tank creates restructured reenergized water and reduces water usage by as much as 250 gallons per month. This creates a most unexpected phenomenon – an electrical potential (voltage) between the structured water and the water surrounding it. In other words, structured water stores energy, much like a battery. Structured water is a battery that needs constant charging. Energized structured water recharges the liquid battery of the body. When the body has sufficient energy, its aqueous interior is highly charged allowing for optimized cellular and metabolic function in addition to greater hydration and detoxification. pHountain pHresh water is literally brimming with energy.
  • Does not use inefficient gravel or quartz. The problem with this is the filter gravel cuts down on your flows rates. When used as an upflow this type of system allows for channeling of the media bed, (water will seek it’s least path of resistance), when not forced in a specific direction, and it also slows down the flow during a regeneration cycle.
  • The design creates fluidity of the media bed and extends contaminant removal capacity; which means less regenerations and significant reduction of water use.
  • The pHountain pHresh system is salt free. Water Softeners use a 6-cycle valve for regeneration. The average water usage is from 90 to 150 gallons of water per recharge to rinse the salt used. This happens 2-3 times per week, depending on the family usage.  This calculates to over 12,000 gallons of water wasted per year.
  • The pHountain pHresh water system does not use Reverse Osmosis. Reverse Osmosis is a commonly used water purification method, unfortunately this method strips the water off all minerals and creates highly acidic water. The complete opposite of what is healthy and best for your body. Reverse Osmosis membranes can also build up bacteria quickly and if the system is not maintained properly this bacteria and contaminants can leak back into your water flow. This can undermine the whole purpose of the filtration system.
  • Higher alkalinity right out of the tap. Because the pHountain pHresh Water System maintains all the healthy minerals in the water and doesn’t strip them out, your water has a healthy pH and alkaline level immediately.

H-pHactor: The Power of Molecular Hydrogen

Besides the fact that pHountain pHresh is clean and safe from over 278+ toxins and contaminants, every pHountain store then boosts this pristine water with Molecular Hydrogen.

The prominent and therapeutic effects of molecular hydrogen (H2 gas) are emerging to the forefront of scientific research. Humans are continuously fighting the battle against cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, diabetes, osteoporosis, chronic inflammation, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and many more.

The search for a simple method to prevent all such ailments, and in short to halt the aging process and even reverse it to youth, is not a new concept. This idea seems to be prevalent throughout the history of mankind, including the writings of Herodotus about the Fountain of Youth.1

The more  research that accumulates about molecular hydrogen, the more it appears to have the sought after properties of the Fountain of Youth.  A 2010 quality review article2 on molecular hydrogen, published in Free Radical Research, stated:


Since that review article, over 600 additional articles have been published substantiating that declaration. Currently, about 150 different disease models have been studied, in which molecular hydrogen appears to exert a beneficial effect (including the ones listed above).