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You get huge discounts when you join the pHountain family. Choose one of our benefit-packed membership plans and enjoy water, detox services and money-saving discounts on all of your favorite, health-changing pHountain products.

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With the Unlimited WATER Membership, you get it:

  • Unlimited water refills
  • 50% Off 3-Step Detox Gift Certificates
  • 40% OFF all additional single ala carte services
  • 20% Off pHountain Brand Products
  • 10% Off Non-pHountain Products

Price: $49.99 / month *See store for Details

The Rapid Rejuvenation Program Membership
We have multiple options for all budgets

  • Annual Programs and 12-month, 6-month, month-to-month commitments
  • Family Plans
  • Use of our 3-Step Detox Services with different levels or unlimited usage of the far-infrared sauna, whole body vibration therapy and ionic detox foot bath
  • pHountain pHresh Water Refills
  • Braintap Sessions
  • 50% Off 3-Step Detox Gift Certificates
  • 40% Off Additional individual detox services
  • 20% off pHountain Brand Products, 10% off Non-pHountain Products.

Come in for a Free Ionic Detox Foot Bath and Braintap session and to discuss the best option for you.

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