pHountain Makes Sure Your Family Enjoys the Freshest, Cleanest Water

Water is a resource we can’t live without. 

That being said, did you know that most of the water we have access to in our daily lives contains harmful bacteria and chemicals? So much so that municipalities treat the water coming into your home with chlorine!

It’s true! You are drinking, cooking with and showering in chlorine-treated water! Worse yet, if you live on Long Island, where the water supply has been proven to contain a statistically exorbitant amount of toxins and contaminants, the water coming out of your taps may still harm you and your family.

You Need a Whole House Water Filtration System to Protect Your Family

The only real way to ensure your family’s safety when it comes to water is to install a 

home water filtration system like the pHountain pHresh Whole House Water Filtration System. Financing is available!

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pHountain’s system is a great way to ensure that you will have a good supply of pure, clean and delicious water coming out of every tap in your home.

Who doesn’t want better-tasting water? The pHountain whole house filtration system removes all the nasty things that affect the taste and smell of drinking water. 

In addition to better tasting beverages,  cleaner clothing and healthier showers, water that comes from the pHountain pHresh Whole House Water Filtration System removes heavy metals that can aggravate skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Further, the investment in a whole house water filtration system is a good idea financially, too. Have you added up all the cash you spend on plastic water bottles? 

Exactly. Crunch a few numbers and you’ll see that it’s worth learning more about the pHountain pHresh Whole House Water Filtration System. And,  guess what? You can learn all about our system for FREE!

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