Are You Worried about What’s in Your Drinking Water? You Should Be!

Did you know that “Long Island has the most contaminated drinking water in the state,” according to an analysis of Environmental Protection Agency research conducted by the New York Public Interest Research Group?

In fact, the research reports, the drinking water coming out of taps in Long Island homes and businesses contains dangerously high levels of many harmful toxins including PFOS, PFOA and 1,4-dioxane, PFOS and PFOA. 

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If you don’t know about Long Island’s polluted water supply, that’s OK. There is actually only one thing you need to know. It’s quite possible your family is consuming deadly contaminants every time you turn on a faucet. You are even bathing and washing your clothing in this toxic water! 

On Long Island, there are about 16 million people who are in the same boat as you–drinking contaminated water. But you can put an end to this by learning more about visiting now!

New York State elected officials are already aware that drinking water standards need to be raised significantly. But, while the legislators are arm-wrestling over the particulars, you can and should do what’s best for your family now. 

“Exposure to 1,4-dioxane, for example, has been linked with liver cancer and chronic kidney and liver impacts – and that’s just 1,4 dioxane,” the head of NYPIRG said. “PFOA and PFOS have been linked to six different diseases.”

So, what is a resident of Long Island supposed to do? Two things: get educated and find out about the best home filtration system you can buy to keep your family safe.

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What You Don’t Know About Your Water May Hurt You!

Actually, whether you know about it or not, it can hurt you if you continue to drink it out of the tap. 

According to a professor of Environmental Technology and Sustainability at the New York Institute of Technology, over 250 Superfund sites contain contaminated groundwater. This water flows into the public water supply. In fact, for many years, chemical waste created by companies on Long Island has drained into Long Island’s aquifer system and polluted the water.

“To clean up or remediate these sites takes considerable research, planning, and technical engineering along with great expense and years of effort,” said NYIT Associate Professor Sarah Meyland, M.S., J.D.

Experts aren’t even sure if the current water supply can be protected. “The real challenge is whether we can successfully keep the drinking water supply from getting any worse or more damaged than it already is,” Prof. Meyland explained, noting the chances are unlikely if “we continue to use the aquifer and the groundwater as a toilet.”


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Is It Safe to Drink Tap Water on Long Island?

The jury is out on whether the contamination is too far gone. However, what we do know is that the amount of unregulated chemicals that have seeped into Long Island’s water supply are dangerous and potentially deadly. 

Regulators know about the chemicals in Long Island’s drinking water (throughout New York and all across the country!) but there are no set standards for determining whether or not water supplies are safe.

It’s up to you to set the standards for your family’s drinking water. With pHountain’s Whole House Water Filtration System you can be certain that every drop of water coming from every tap in your home will be clean, clear, chemical-free and delicious! 

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